Is Employment Enough For The Developmentally Disabled To Financially Support Themselves?

The typical trend seen in people with developmental disabilities is that a majority of them end up being either unemployed or underemployed. This puts a great deal of financial stress on the people who care for them, not to forget the mental turmoil that they themselves go through. Those people may easily fall for scams such as the Dubai Lifestyle App so they should be very careful when deciding where to invest.

What is a developmental disability?

A developmental disability is a physical or mental impairment that is either present at birth or typically develops before 18 years of age. They are permanent and affect the person’s ability to lead a normal life and can also make learning difficult.

Depending on the severity of a disability the person might need physical assistance and require help with learning. But with support and perseverance, they can live fulfilling lives and contribute a great deal to our society.


Due to lack of information or ignorance a number of myths surround people with developmental disabilities.

  • People with developmental disabilities are all the same – Contrary to this belief, each person possess different sets of skills and interest that can be developed
  • People with developmental disabilities can’t learn – Even though they need help with learning, it is not true that they cannot learn.
  • People with developmental disabilities cannot be employed – Most people can be trained on vocational skills and intellectual jobs and can be employed in a variety of jobs.
  • People with developmental disabilities do not belong to the society – Nothing can be further from the truth as this one, as they become part of the workforce and contribute to the strength of the community.

Type of jobs suitable for the developmentally disabled

There are a number of industries in which people with developmental disabilities can be successfully employed. The following list is just a few of them.

IT jobs

People with a high IQ but who are less social can benefit from such jobs that do not require a lot of social interaction and at the same time put their skills to use


Depending on the severity of the disability, they can be employed as wait staff, in food preparation and housekeeping etc.


Supermarkets and clothing stores are another great place for people with developmental disabilities offering a great deal of interaction with people.

Clerical jobs

These types of jobs involve simple repetitive tasks that can be easily taught to people with developmental disabilities. Simple sorting and filing, data entry, mail delivery, scanning and photocopying tasks are ideal for those who love interacting with their colleagues.


Gardens and greenhouses can not only employ people with developmental disabilities, they also provide a great environment. These jobs are perfect for those that need to avoid interaction as it can affect their social skills.


There are a lot of employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The government and many non-profit organizations offer a lot of help to these individuals to find the right job according to their skill set. Being employed, not only makes them financially independent and emotionally stronger, their efforts also add to the overall growth of the community and their acceptance in the society.